Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's time to say goodbye

Wow, i really am quite sad this is endding!!

it's been so fun, blogging with these guys has been amazing and yeah who would of back in year 12 accounting the idea of a combined blog would of lasted this long =)

Although i may have stopped kinda blogging ever since uni started i still felt quite apart of this looop that teoh and jason has built. Blogging my friends is truely a talent one must learn, as it's really hard and tiresome but if you can pull it off it's really rewarding.

I remember back in highschool i used to try really hard to blog each night in great detail what had gone on just do i had some kind of documentation of my life (which i still do XD) and i remember sometimes it took up to 1 hour plus to put a good entry up with heaps of photos ahha

The looop has been good guys, really it has. It feels like this blog was somewhat like this tree, and with each entry 1 leaf would fall and i suppose the final 3 leaves remained for each of our farewell posts =( aww ..

yeah so follows teohs post on his blog and visit jasons post for a wave of Korean Pop Girl Groups ahhaha jk..(but not really) and yeah who knows maybe i'll reopen the old timmy blog ahah.



[If I remember correctly]

'It's like a river overflowing!' proclaimed David fantastically, finishing off Tim's spiel about a certain individual on his mind. He proceeded to open his exercise book to illustrate exactly what he meant by a river while Ms. Blazejewski's disapproval slowly drifted towards us from across the room.

That night, after some discussion over MSN, the looop's blueprint was drawn up. With the idea that Tim would fill the void for us if we didn't end up writing much.
And two hundred and thirty odd entries later,
/Tim's saving his secret blogging-powers for when the world really needs them;
/I've had Livejournal as my voluptuous mistress for a year, my little extra on the side;
/and the Chronicles of David have emigrated to a mysterious, not-so-distant land.

And so, the looop is no more. Maybe we'll try and sell the rights to it one day and Penguin will make an anthology. Not any time soon, but later, when we're old men and our superannuation has been almost completely wiped out by the global recession in 2053.
The royalties should be enough to last us another ten years. At least!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

a circle with a end?

hey guys,

as most of you can guess, thelooop is closing down. I have decided to move to a new blog of my own, and since tim is past his blogging days, and ling has his own, it only makes sense to close down thelooop.

it worked great, I still remember the day we talked about creating it in accounting year 12. I must say I loved posting here with them both (while they did). jason's done a great job in bringing out changing layouts through the two years, and we got a good 230 posts out of it. I'd imagine we bulit up a solid list of readers (maybe 4 or so?) as well, so thank you to all those who kept coming back.

catch me now at

thanks looop buddies, it was fun while it lasted =]



Sunday, August 23, 2009

Man's best predicament

Good predicaments are hard to come by these days. Predicaments that will really stay by your side and remind you that they're there when the going gets tough. And whenever they give you that malicious smile or a hug, you know that they've got your back! And that's what counts, for that is the badge of a true predicament.

Mmm... doesn't it just chill your heart?

I know that my best predicaments are always right there with me through the thick and the thin, 'cause they're my most loyal and untrustworthy companions.

So the next time you and your friends being chased down by a rolling boulder, just remember who are your predicaments and who are your friends.

(Oh, man, subversive much? I've confused even myself.)


Thursday, August 13, 2009

flowing on

Achievement: did not fall asleep in any of my lectures today.

Whether or not I learnt anything from them is another story though.

Saw 'Public Enemies' on tuesday night with some 1st year friends. The movie was you really want to know? Or do you just want to see it cause it's got johnny depp!?!? Cause that's apparently what half of the female audience was there to see. Giggling, losing their breath and they see him topless. *sigh. But the movie was good, I quite enjoyed it.

Me and lil ended up staying back waitin for her sister to finish work at pancake palour. It was awesome catching up with her. Did you know glenny is sooo foggy during midnight? Barely could see anything, even with fog lights on...but as soon as you clear glen waverley, it's all clear. Magic.

Ok yes, facebook is quite addictive...especially when you have free access on the phone =_= Hopefully I'll get bored of it soon (but the games are fun...)

Thinking whether or not I should quit thelooop and make my own blog. The other two have moved off, so I don't want to linger on like I can't bear to move on =[ Probably can't be bothered making a new blog for awhile though.



Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Time Capsule

Dear reader,

How are you? I am well, thank you. I am sorry to have not written back any sooner than I have.

With the increased pressure to post on thelooop lately, I've been somewhat pensive. And over the last few months, David's been racking up more posts than either Tim or I can poke a stick at. So here I am writing to you now, eagerly tap-tappity-tapping away at my keyboard like a technology-familiar 'beaver'.

What I should reveal though, is that - I'm having an affair. Don't look at me like that. You knew all along. I didn't deny it or try to hide it. Wh- you never asked! Oh, come now. I'm sorry... Don't cry... ...W-Who is she? ... L-L-Livejournal... I-I said LIVEJOURNAL! ... ouch, that smarts. Don't call her that, she-- No! I love you both equally! ... It's not bullshit! ... Just calm down. Look, I'm stepping away... I'll just grab my keys and I'll be back at twelve when you've calmed down a bit ...and after you've put down the knife. ... Hey! How is this conversation even taking place in a letter?! You have driven me to schizophrenia, you nut job! ... I am not changing the subject!! Anyway, that's all I had to say for now. D-...digest it... please? Look, do our two years mean nothing to you? ... I'm trying!! -f***!

..........[And end scene!]

Okay, so I started writing a letter to the reader, and it turned into half of an imaginary conversation. Anyway, it's true, I've been pampering a livejournal and paying it half my attention for the last year. And yeah, I haven't purposely been hiding it either, I posted once around August of '08 saying that I would make a livejournal and make it a dumping ground so that my posts in 'thelooop' would be only those of a more passable quality.

I also put it in our links page back then, but never mentioned it after that. And until recently, it has never been intended for an audience, in fact, there were a few times I openly discouraged an audience in my posts, and I did in fact keep comments disabled up until about six months ago.

So why now? Why is it open now?

My livejournal has developed into a more serious relationship and only until Hong posted a comment about a week ago was I struck with the fact that maybe what I write there is worth sharing after all. Maybe people out there appreciate my compulsive obsession with semantics and formatting after all... I mean I always realised I had some readers because it would come up in conversation once in a while, but with somebody as random as Hong reading, it really hit me, you know?

Anyway, I'll keep a place in my heart for both 'thelooop' and my livejournal.

EDIT: oh yeah, my livejournal is found at


Sunday, August 9, 2009

is it really such a bad thing?

i've decided to remove a few moles on my face.

now everyone is like

Which isn't that suprising because the people i've told so far have given me pretty negative comments about it but i couldn't really care less. People now been saying i'm going in for plastic/cosmetic surgery and it kinda makes me angry because im not sure if it's true or not.

okay i admit im a pretty vain person but honestly i believe everyone is a vain person just that some people are better at it then others.

and so what if im vain?

it still doesn't give people any right to call me that. It's just like how if someone is fat you can't run up to them and go 'OMG ur so fkn fat!' it's just uncalled for yeah?

Essentially i'm just looking at it as something im just correcting. And even though people may tell me it's fine and theres nothing wrong with it, i personally think it's damn ulgy. And if you ever had braces you would know exactly what im saying. Why did you bother correcting your teeth? because you didn't like it right, and basically it's to improve your overall appearance yeah? and if your justifying it because my dentist told me i need to as screwed up teeth leads to problems in the future, well moles are also a risk to human health as they are potentially cancerous. (btw i had braces too ^^)

Furthermore removing moles cost about 200 dollars, but im fortunate enough to beable to get it for free as my aunty loves me =) Just think... if you were a burn victim and one of your family members could help you regenerate healthy skin again to better your appearance what would be your reason to reject such an offer? (that example was pretty bad i hope you get what i mean)

Im just soo sad sometimes how people really are quick to judge you and if it really really awfully disturbs people then i guess just don't talk to me? plastic/cosmetic surgery isn't such a bad thing, and i think they should be respected more. btw my aunt isn't a plastic surgeon, shes a dermatologist. I just wish people would just relax about the whole thing..

it sounds like im angry but im not, im actually really happy and excited about it! i know theres going to be a bit of pain and soreness for 2 weeks and then a scar is going to be there and it's going to take at lease 1 year before my skin turns back to normal but i rather remove them now then in the future. I also have a lot of other reasons for it but i don't feel like i need to justify them here.

i know people are entitled to their own opinion and they are right ^^ however, i just can't help but feel really judged and attacked, and even though it may be all such a joke it's not really that funny. It just kinda makes me more insecure about the whole thing, and when did friendship turn so ulgy? =(

AHAHHAH anywayss just though i shall let my fellow looop members knoww so in the nearby future people aren't asking me why i've got bandaids on my face ahha :)